Welcome to Kidz Club

Kidz Club is a pre-school crèche facility provided to enable members with young children to use our club, while their children are cared for in a safe and happy environment.

Peak Body follows Family and Children Services operational guidelines.

A member may only bring their own or legally bound children to Kidz Club. They will be accepted from 2 months old until their 6th birthday. On school holidays and Saturdays we will accept children from 2 months until they reach their 10th birthday.

To make the facility available to as many members as possible, each visit is limited to a maximum of 2 hours.

Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri     8:30am – 12:00pm

Sat     8:00am – 11:30am

Bookings are essential. Call us on 0421 556 188


Fun and Friends

The Kidz Club provides a great opportunity for your child to socialise with other children of a similar age and to learn social skills such as taking turns, cooperating and sharing. We also aim to provide opportunities for learning and developing language, fine and gross motor skills in the activities and games we play.

Activities include: storytelling, play dough, colouring in, craft activities, music and dancing, games, puzzles and free play with a variety of toys. Please dress children appropriately.

Settling In
All children react differently to being left in care. It is common for children to suffer separation anxiety at some point in their first 2 years. It can help if you leave plenty of time each visit to settle your child in. Being rushed can make the situation more stressful for the child. It may also help if you keep your first few visits relatively short and build up the length of your work out as your child gets used to the Kidz Club. Speak to the Kidz Club staff for further advice if needed.
Booking and Registration

Peak Body operates a booking system for Kidz Club to ensure appropriate staffing levels and avoid overcrowding. To avoid disappointment, your child must be booked in prior to their visit. All cancellations are to be made before 8:30am sharp to avoid a cancellation fee. Please speak to reception staff for details on booking procedure.

On your first visit to Kidz Club you will need to complete a registration form, which should be updated whenever any details change. Each time your child attends Kidz Club you will need to complete a Sign In/Out register. Tickets are purchased from reception and must be presented upon arrival in the Kidz Club.

As we operate a crèche facility and not a licensed child care centre, it is a condition of our operation that parents must remain on the premises for the entire time their child is in our care. In addition, children must not spend more than 2 hours in Kidz Club at a time.

What to Bring

Please ensure that any items brought into the Kidz Club are clearly labelled with your childs name. It is preferable that children should not leave valuable items at the Kidz Club.

Crèche facilities have a higher child-to-staff ratio than day care and along with the short duration of the children’s stay, we ask that babies be fed prior to their visit, as we cannot do routine bottle-feeding. We encourage children to bring a drink. However, food is not permitted in the Kidz Club.

Please provide a full nappy change-disposable nappy and adequate supply of wet wipes or change of clothes if your child may require them. Children who are toilet training are required to wear pull-ups for hygiene reasons, as our floors are predominantly carpet.

Medication of any kind should not be left in your child’s bag. If you child carries medication, please hand it to staff on arrival. Peak Body staff cannot administer medication.

Kidz Club Staff
All Kidz Club employees are required to maintain a “Working with Children” card and First Aid Qualifications. Many of our employees have a background in Teaching or Childcare.
All members utilising our Kidz Club are required to pay an entry fee per child. Please ask reception staff for more details when purchasing your pass. Multi Visit passes are available.
Sick Children

To minimise the cross infection of children we maintain a policy of not accepting children who are unwell into Kidz Club.

Children are not permitted if they have any of the following symptoms- rash, fever, sore throat, swollen glands, running nose, cough etc. Children who have had diarrhoea or vomiting cannot attend Kidz Club for 48 hours.

If your child has been diagnosed with a contagious illness or has head lice please inform Peak Body staff who will advise you when your child can return.

High Standards
Peak Body aims to operate crèche services of a high standard, providing a safe, fun and caring environment for all children. Please remember that Kidz Club is a crèche not a day care centre and parents must be available to attend their child if necessary.
Conditions of Use - Summarised
  •       Children will be accepted from 2 months old until their 6th Birthday
  •       School Holidays and Saturday’s children will be accepted from 2 months old until their 10th Birthday
  •       All children must be booked into Kidz Club
  •       Parents must remain on the premises
  •       Children should not remain in Kidz Club more than 2 hours
  •       Kidz Club is for members only
  •       Please complete a registration form on your first visit and update as necessary
  •       Children must be signed in and out
  •       Please label all your children’s belongings
  •       Please bring a suitable drink for your child (no glass please)
  •       Children cannot eat any food while in Kidz Club
  •       Please provide a full nappy change-disposable nappy and adequate supply of wet wipers
  •       Please provide a change of clothing if necessary
  •       Children who are toilet training are required to wear pull ups
  •       Sick Children will not be admitted to Kidz Club
  •       All passes are to be purchased from reception on arrival
  •       Cancellations are to be made by 8:30am by phoning the club

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