InBody 570 

We all strive for a happy, healthy workplace and by hiring the Peak Body InBody 570 scanner, we can help you increase awareness of health and wellness in your business.

Whether you’re a small family business or have over 100 employees, we provide a simple, cost effective way to measure and monitor your employees health status.

What is InBody and what does it do?

An InBody scanner provides an advanced method of measuring body composition. You simply stand on the device and in just 60 seconds you can discover how diet and exercise are changing someone’s body composition. By measuring body fat and muscle mass you are going beyond the scale and seeing what they’re really made of.

Benefits of using InBody in the workplace:

  • Monitoring your employee’s health and performance
  • Builds awareness of an individuals health based on their results
  • Provide the motivation they need to make healthy lifestyle changes
  • Encourage employees to take action that will beenfit them personally and within the workplace
  • Increase team unity  during Health and Fitness challenges within the workplace.

You can use the InBody to:

  • Provide a full body assessment in 60 seconds
  • Measure body fat, muscle mass and body water
  • Measure your metabolic rate
  • Provide your staff with a detailed report

How can the InBody App Help:

  • Get your InBody data delivered straight to your mobile
  • Monitor your body’s status on the go
  • Stay connected with your trainer, keeping you on track and motivated
  • Track your scan history and visualise progressing towards your goals

Interpreting your results

Total Body Water

All the water in the intra-cellular and extra-cellular (inside and outside the cell). Healthy adults total body water should be approximately 45-65% of the total body weight.

Percent Body Fat (PBF)

The percentage of body fat compared to body weight. Overall body fat percentage is very individual and varies from person to person and should not be compared. For optimum health the range is 10-20% for men and 18-28% for women.

Body Balance

Represents the balance between the upper limbs, the lower limbs and the upper and lower parts of the body. If there is an imbalance, we recommend making changes with your exercise program to increase the muscle mass of the smaller limbs as shown on the Segmental Lean Analysis Chart. 


This refers to the amount of nitrogen cells your body contains. It’s a component of protein which provides your body with the ability to repair tissue and cells and is critical for the development and growth of skeletal muscle mass. Ensuring adequate protein intake for your height, age and activity level is very important for this process, not only for the development and repair of muscle but also for the regeneration of cells for overall health.

Segmental Lean Analysis

The double bar graphs can identify the amount of muscle mass in each segment as well as the ideal ratio of soft lean mass. this can be an effective tool to determine imbalances between correlating body part. The upper bar shows soft lean mass in kilograms. The lower bar shows soft lean mass in percentage in relation to your actual weight. If the lower bar reaches 100% it means you have the ideal amount of soft lean mass for your weight. 

Skeletal Muscle Mass

Displays how much muscle is attached to your bones in kilograms. High skeletal muscle mass produces more heat to burn fuel, i.e giving you a higher BMR (the rate at which your body burns calories at complete rest). A higher metabolism is driven by increased amounts of skeletal muscle mass, together with sufficient protein intake which repairs and nourishes muscle cells as they break down as well as assisting in hormone production and cell rejuvenation. 


This analyses two groups of minerals, osseous mineral and non-osseous minerals. Having high skeletal muscle and protein mass, the weight of bones strengthen – which in turn increases the bone minerals. 

Segmental Fat Analysis

Provides a comparison of segmental fat to the ideal fat mass in that particular area. An effective tool to  highlight predominant areas of where fat is located. this can be suggestive of hormonal imbalances and require recommendations for corrective measures. The ideal fat mass is always 100% or less. 

Body Fat Mass

Displays how many kilograms of fat your body has. This measurement includes  two types of body fat, subcutaneous body fat as well as visceral body fat. If your body fat mass exceeds the suggested range, you are considered to be clinically overweight or obese. 

Visceral Fat Level

Refers to the amount of fat hidden and stored around your internal organs. The visceral fat level is measured between a score of 1-20 with 1-9 being the optimal healthy range. There is a greater risk of developing hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

Bone Mineral Content

Used in clinical medicine as an indirect indicator of osteoporosis and as a monitor of treatment. A higher mineral content indicates higher bone density and strength. 

How To Book:


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