It’s no secret that personal training is the fastest way to accelerate your results in any gym environment. At Peak Body we are lucky enough to have some highly skilled coaches that are committed to coaching their clients towards peak performance.

Personal Training sessions are all individualized and adapted to suit their clients goals, our coaches will complete a full body assessment and goal setting session with you before designed and implementing a custom training and lifestyle program with you.

Peak Body members typically compliment their group fitness or small group training sessions with weekly personal training sessions to ensure a holistic approaching to their training.



Jason Cockman


Jared Rosenberg


Nicole Cifelli


Simon Atkinson

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Joanna Zervas


Jadie Clarke

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Mitch Christie


Natasha Cekic

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Michelle and Sam Stavretis

Samantha and I have been members of Peak Body for the last

3 years, in this time we have enjoyed all the classes available to us.

This year we decided to look at personal training originally to increase our fitness and stamina.

The journey exceeded our expectations and provided far more than anticipated. An entire program is in place to ensure fitness but also additional support to encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Our Personal Trainer is Jason Cockman, his motivation is contagious, and experience is extensive. Every week we embrace different activities without hesitation, having complete confidence in Jason’s knowledge. Somehow, we always look forward to what the surprise challenge will be!

Through Jason’s guidance we are now more knowledgeable and confident in using the equipment at Peak Body. Each training session incorporates mobility, strength and high intensity using all areas of the gym.

Our journey has resulted in losing weight and gaining strength, which has contributed in a much happier and healthier lifestyle.

I would recommend and encourage anyone wanting to further develop their fitness and health to consider a Personal trainer at Peak Body.

For myself it has been fantastic training alongside my daughter seeing the incredible results and look forward to continuing our journey. We are so glad to be part of Team Jason and sincerely appreciate his support and ongoing dedication.

Michelle Stavretis

Amelia Jason

I’ve been a member of the North Beach gym since arriving in Perth 15 years ago and the Peak Body team have made the gym a fun and friendly place to workout.
I’m a group fitness fanatic and do 5 classes a week and 2 yoga sessions to enhance the stretching that everyone needs! I especially enjoy Lutz’s Body Attack class and Jadie’s XFIT who is extremely motivating and the best personal trainer.
My personal fitness results have come from a variety of classes not just working out in the same way each day, mix it up!

Amelia Jason

Anna Jardine

Gyms have always been a bit of a grey area for me. Past experiences had lead me to feel quite self conscious being in a gym environment and personal trainers left me feeling no better. After being persuaded by friends to give it another go I wouldn’t look back.

Nicole has given me the support and encouragement I need to keep striving forward. She’s positive on my good days and the not so good days. Makes me know it’s OK to have a bad day, we all do. The most important thing is that I am there giving it a go. Getting to the gym can be half the battle sometimes but I know by the end of my session I’m so glad I made it there.

The results I’m seeing are awesome and it’s encouraging to know that with the right support and guidance I can do it.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Nicole as a personal trainer. She’s been the extra drive I’ve needed to keep going and make the changes I’ve been meaning to do for years. She’s professional, approachable and realistic about what you can achieve – which is a lot more than you think you can!

Anna Jardine

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