Jack Webster

I just had my second PT session with Anthony Tait ... wow what a great session perfectly tailored to keep me moving forward to achieve my fitness goals of greater agility and aerobic capacity while maintaining power and strength . I'm 55 yrs old this guy knows how to train people of my age to get the best possible results.. He is a WIZ ......

Jack Webster, Perth


I have to say I am very happy! The last week wasn't my best, hubby away didn't eat right, not enough sleep & water.... I was feeling very down , but I actually did ok & want to be positive. I have learnt so much & worked out what my body doesn't like now! What makes me bloated etc.. I have stared some great habits & it's helping my whole family. The photos are not great as my kids took them for me. I can't afford to continue but I don't feel finished , my hubby is supporting me (as always) and agreed to stretch the budget for another month or 2 , then I can make a new gym plan, thanks for your help & support along the way, I got the kick in the but I needed! Carolyn

Andrea - New You Program

Ok my 4 weeks is up photos don't show a lot of difference but I'm 2 kg lighter and a number of cm narrower!!!

Not my reason for doing this but I feel better for it. The jury is still out on whether or not it has improved my sleep but I can say I have had better sleep in the past month, unfortunately not consistent . Another benefit is the variety of food the family are eating, girls have enjoyed my cooking - that alone is amazing. Definitely a way of eating I am planning to stick to so good for the kids to learn also. Thanks for the education on what I thought I knew. Still not sure i have balance right but will work it out. Andrea