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We are a Health Club with a Studio Feel. At Peak Body, we are all about helping our members achieve peak results.

Peak Body is a club that strives to provide expert knowledge in Personal Training, Group Fitness and Small Group Training Programs.

With the stresses of today’s society, we have built an environment that understands your needs and are here to assist you in every way possible to ensure you achieve your results. All our crew are trained to offer advice in helping any individual manage all of life’s little challenges we fall victim too. We strongly believe as the times change, we change with it which allows all our members to grow with us.


Pete Wilson
5 stars! Hi Floss, thank you so much for your kindness this morning. I really enjoyed training at your gym. And it was really nice to meet you. Cheers Pete Pete Wilson

Jess Hosking
5 stars! had never joined a gym before and was quite hesitant but everyone here is lovely, particularly my trainer Brooke. Thoroughly recommend if you’re in the area and looking for a gym! Jess Hosking

Jack Webster
I just had my second PT session with Anthony Tait … wow what a great session perfectly tailored to keep me moving forward to achieve my fitness goals of greater agility and aerobic capacity while maintaining power and strength . I’m 55 yrs old this guy knows how to train people of my age to get the best possible results.. He is a WIZ …… Jack Webster

Charlotte Evans
As a first timer joining any gym, I never thought I would enjoy going so much! Being surrounded by friends in the group classes. I can’t stop laughing and smiling with the instructor Loots, as her dancing and commentary throughout the work outs make it all the more fun! All the instructors are very enthusiastic and challenge you to push yourself, there are also many lower level options for those not so fit but getting there(like me). The staff are all so friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. It’s a great way to work out surrounded by friends and laugher. Charlotte Evans

Amelia Jason

I’ve been a member of the North Beach gym since arriving in Perth 15 years ago and the Peak Body team have made the gym a fun and friendly place to workout.
I’m a group fitness fanatic and do 5 classes a week and 2 yoga sessions to enhance the stretching that everyone needs! I especially enjoy Lutz’s Body Attack class and Jadie’s XFIT who is extremely motivating and the best personal trainer.
My personal fitness results have come from a variety of classes not just working out in the same way each day, mix it up!

Amelia Jason

Anna Hay
What I love about Peak Body is the great class schedule they offer, with a wide range of classes on everyday. The class instructors are motivating and have helped me to reach my fitness goals by pushing me to my potential in every class workout. Lutz who is one of the class instructors has changed my outlook on exercise completely- it is no longer a ‘chore’ but something I love doing. Lutz’s upbeat, friendly and encouraging nature means I always leave the gym feeling energised for the rest of the day. Group training has meant I have made friends at the gym, where our fitness community help to inspire each other to work even harder. Body pump has made me more toned and defined, while body attack has ensured my cardio fitness, health and wellbeing is maintained. I love being apart of the Peak Body family. Anna Hay

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