John Doonan

I have known Tony personally for the past 12 years of which he has been my personal trainer from day one of our relationship. Tony has been training me for approximately three days a week. His experience, professionalism and expertise is beyond reproach. Tony's qualifications in his his chosen field certainly verify the fact that he is at the pinnacle of his profession. It would be my pleasure to recommend Tony to anyone who is considering an improved lifestyle.

John Doonan


I have to say I am very happy! The last week wasn't my best, hubby away didn't eat right, not enough sleep & water.... I was feeling very down , but I actually did ok & want to be positive. I have learnt so much & worked out what my body doesn't like now! What makes me bloated etc.. I have stared some great habits & it's helping my whole family. The photos are not great as my kids took them for me. I can't afford to continue but I don't feel finished , my hubby is supporting me (as always) and agreed to stretch the budget for another month or 2 , then I can make a new gym plan, thanks for your help & support along the way, I got the kick in the but I needed! Carolyn

Jack Webster

I just had my second PT session with Anthony Tait ... wow what a great session perfectly tailored to keep me moving forward to achieve my fitness goals of greater agility and aerobic capacity while maintaining power and strength . I'm 55 yrs old this guy knows how to train people of my age to get the best possible results.. He is a WIZ ......

Jack Webster, Perth